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Jo Lorente Visual Artist


Jo Lorente produces pictorial works that use beeswax as a medium based upon an unprecedented technique that she has developed making it possible to mix, draw and color.

This research resulted in several periods.
Notably, in the series entitled "Ephémérides", composed of large size canvases accompanied by haiku poems.

Under the generic title "Graphic Codex" she depicts the disturbances of the crisis. The plates of the codex are covered with a thin layer of wax. The support: cardboard to better make perceptible the fragility of our system of values.

Afterwards she creates the original plates for the Kamishibai theater of the show: "From women's memory ..." which illustrate the abstract of feminine confidences gathered during philosophic tea salons by the writer Françoise Ghilain.

She also produces illustrations for another poetry collection, "Nos Enfances" written by Evelyne Wilwerts. She accompanies on the lute the actress Florine Elslande with songs that treat childhood.

She shares another production with Annemarie Van Vreckom, both co-authors and illustrators of the graphic book: "Lilith Forever".

Taken by the passion for artist's books, Jo Lorente has been participating since 2014 in "Histoires de livres", the Brussels Artistic Book Fair.

The "Graphic codex II", an art book made on plexiglas, speaks of "The genesis of Tango".

She presents in 2016 "Dreams of a Siren" a book, whose pictorial works are created with a new approach to the technique that she exploring.

In 2017, she exhibited a series of monographs, "Graphic Codex of the Unconscious" at the Brussels Artistic Book Fair.
Inspired by the Rorschach test, her subjects appearing in a plot of dreams, travel from the figurative to the abstract, from where emerge stories without words.
The graphic narrative, whose pages are gathered in the abundant notebooks of "automatic" paintings, is given to the interpretation of the observer.

This last pictorial search begins a period which will privilege, text and painting by pushing further the technique Jo Lorente is using, based on wax and color, worked on different supports.

Once again, through her art, she invites the viewer to accompany her to the land of the senses.

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